Why Work With Paint & Rollers?

Carrying a Legacy

Our late mom, through her life, motivates us to continue her legacy of great standards and pristine service

We Will Show Up and Call You Back

As embarrassing as it sounds, this makes us better than 80% of the other painters in town.

Uniformed and Professional

With best practice scripts and plans to execute jobs, we educate you on how you will receive fantastic service.

Cleaning Crew Included

We hire a professional cleaning company to make sure your space is spotless.

What we do

As professional painting and drywall specialists, we are dedicated to providing you with reliable and exquisite work that will exceed all of your needs.

Interior/Exterior Painting

We can help with every type of painting project.

Wallpaper Removal

Got annoying wallpaper? Trust Paint & Rollers to get the job done!

Drywall Repairs/Re-Texturing

Any holes, cracks, big or small? We got you covered!


Paint and Rollers can handle painting, carpentry, wallpaper, drywall and light electrical projects of all types.

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Interior Photos

Before After Screenshot+2022-02-17+at+4.14.57+PM-1920w (1)Screenshot+2022-02-17+at+4.16.06+PM-1920w (1)
Before After IMG_0614-1920w

Cabinetry & Woodwork

Before After IMG_3132-1920wIMG_5891-4a7b6702-1920w
Before After IMG_3136-1920wIMG_5908-1920w

Exterior Photos

Before After IMG_0387-1920w
Before After Screenshot+2022-02-17+at+4.20.44+PM-1920w

Drywall Repair & Re-Texturing

Before After B3884B7D-A4F7-4A06-A24C-4168323E537B-1920w864D77B6-6B8C-4BA1-818B-97BF34642555-1920w
Before After Paint-and-Rollers-Columbus-6-1920wScreenshot+2022-02-17+at+4.13.28+PM-1920w

Wallpaper Removal

Before After 88218150_804192903411014_8807975276865650688_o-1920w88113456_804192953411009_8343222715510947840_o-1920w
Before After 88995391_804483080048663_5230973959813464064_o-1920w87756888_804483136715324_6375941416916353024_o-1920w

Curious To Work With US

we are dedicated to providing you with reliable and exquisite work that will exceed all of your needs.